Ocean Isle Beach

The beaches of Ocean Isle Beach stretch for eight beautiful miles, and this great island is enjoyed by many visitors each year, along with the 700 residents who live here. The middle island of the South Brunswick Islands, the beaches of Ocean Isle Beach are perfect for shell seeking, walking, swimming, building sandcastles, or simply just relaxing. After you are done playing on the beaches of Ocean Isle Beach, you may enjoy some of the other features of this island.

A variety of unique gift shops and boutiques will help you find the perfect souvenir or gift, while the many excellent restaurants on the island are waiting to serve you a delicious meal. Many people who visit Ocean Isle Beach take advantage of the fishing that can be done here, thanks to the islandís great location on the Atlantic Ocean. There are types of fishing available for everyone ranging from surf and pier fishing to boat fishing and charter trips. Other activities that are available in Ocean Isle Beach include public tennis courts, a water slide and golf courses.

Known for wide sandy white beaches and gentle surf, Ocean Isle Beach is a quiet retreat that offers a variety of fun activities. The middle island in the group of South Brunswick Islands, Ocean Isle Beach offers eight beautiful miles of beaches and a combination of restaurants, specialty shops, public tennis courts, fishing, a variety of water sport activities and a water slide park.

For the vacationer, a golf resort, hotels, condos and private homes are available for rent. Family activities include beach activities, miniature golf and the water slide park. Favorite beach activities include walking, swimming, seeking for shells and other beach treasures, building sandcastles and relaxing. Fishing is also enjoyed by residents and visitors of Ocean Isle Beach. Surf and pier fishing are popular among many, while the several charter fishing trips that are available are also a hit among visitors.

Families also enjoy ending their special day or week on Ocean Isle Beach by dining in a beautiful waterfront restaurant while they watch the sunset. A series of t-shaped canals are located across the island and add to the beauty of this waterfront island. Nearly 700 residents live on Ocean Isle Beach year-round, and the beautifully maintained homes and accommodations add to the special ambiance of the island.

Ocean Isle Beach is the middle island in the group of South Brunswick Islands on the North Carolina coast. This island offers 8 miles of beautiful beaches mixed with a variety of dining, shopping and activities for all to enjoy. A mere 700 residents call Ocean Isle Beach home, which makes the island a peaceful place you can enjoy for an afternoon. You could spend an entire afternoon browsing in the unique specialty shops of Ocean Isle Beach and finish your day with a nice dinner at a local restaurant.

If you would like to participate in some outdoor activities, there are public tennis courts, a water slide and a variety of water sports that are available in Ocean Isle Beach. Also, because of its great location on the Atlantic Ocean, you canít forget about the incredible opportunities that exist for pier, surf and charter fishing.

As with most communities in the area, golfing is a popular pastime in Ocean Isle Beach. The surrounding beauty of the area mixed with the great weather gives many golfers some of the best golfing days they have ever experienced.

Ocean Isle Beach is home to the only high-rise hotel located in the South Brunswick Islands, and it is home to a small airport used by private airplanes. A variety of accommodations are available for vacation rental on Ocean Isle Beach, so if you donít think an afternoon is enough time for this great island, you could consider staying for the week!

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