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Tickets are purchased at the Deep Point Terminal ticket window or on the Bald Head Island app. Round-trip tickets cost $23.00 for adults, $12.00 for children ages 3-12. There is no charge for children ages two and younger but they still need a ticket. Tram service to your island destination may be provided based on ticket type and availability. A discounted no-frills ticket is available at the Bald Head Island Terminal for same-day round-trips that originate on the island and require no baggage handling or tram service. Tram reservations should be made here online or by calling (910) 457-5003.

All luggage must have a tag with your name, the address where you are staying on the island, your cell phone number and the date and time of the ferry you are on. You can print these tags here online when you make you tram reservation and have your bags ready to go when you arrive. The ferry terminal is arranged on two separate levels. On weekends in the summer, both levels are open for drop off. Only the lower level is available for pickup. Carry all valuable items, medications and glassware. Baggage may be loaded onto a conveyor belt, similar to an airport. Because of the conveyor, small, unsecured items and open bags will have to be placed in a covered container before they can be accepted, so please pack accordingly. Golf bags must have top hoods in place or be in an enclosed protective cover. A good rule of thumb is to pack as if you're taking a flight. If you have larger items such as bikes or kayaks, you will need to purchase an Over-Sized Baggage ticket for each item. These larger items will need to be taken, along with their Over-Sized Baggage tickets, to the arrivals curb, where a dock attendant will take your item(s) and ticket(s). Please note: vehicles taller than nine feet will not be able to drive to the lower level.