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Bald Head Island is surrounded by 14 miles of pristine beaches. Each of these beaches - West Beach, South Beach, and East Beach - has its own unique appeal.

West Beach

Bald Head Island's West Beach faces the convergence of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy stunning sunsets from homes on West Beach. These homes also offer quick access to the Bald Head Island Ferry Landing and Marina, the Bald Head Island Lighthouse, the quaint, yet bustling Harbour Village, and the Bald Head Island Club and George Cobb Championship golf course.

South Beach

Many of our exclusive oceanfront homes rest on South Beach, one of the most popular beaches on Bald Head Island. Public beach accesses abound on South Beach, and many are mere steps away from our vacation homes. Bald Head Island's Dune Ridge lies on the far end of South Beach, and this height offers panoramic views of the entire island.

East Beach

Bald Head Island's East Beach offers spectacular surf - perfect for surfing. Three miles of unspoiled beaches also beckon for exploration. Vacationers on East Beach will enjoy beautiful sunrises each morning as well as close proximity to Bald Head Island's new Shoals Club.


Bald Head Island weather is surprisingly mild. This makes the island a perfect place to visit any time of year. Guests can choose to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun during Bald Head's pleasantly warm summers, or, later in the year, choose to stroll along the shore and breathe the fresh autumn air that can be found only on Bald Head.

During the winter months, vacationers can indulge in simple pleasures such as sipping hot tea during an exquisite island sunset or viewing all of Bald Head Island and its exceptional beauty from the top of Old Baldy.

As spring blooms on Bald Head, guests can enjoy both the season and the new life that comes along with it firsthand with walks down nature trails, visits to the Bald Head Island Conservancy, or kayak trips through Bald Head's stunning marshlands.

Flora and Fauna

Much of Bald Head Island is covered with a live and laurel oak forest, and these magnificent trees form a canopy that protects other plants from salt spray. The undergrowth in Bald Head Island's maritime forest consists of wild olive, American holly, yaupon, and catbrier. The forest is also dotted with sabal palms.

Bald Head Island's lagoons offer fabulous opportunities to observe the once endangered American Alligator. The island is an extremely important loggerhead sea turtle sanctuary; its beaches are major sea turtle nesting sites from May through October.

Since Bald Head Island is located on the easternmost bird migration corridor in the United States, it's also a perfect place for bird watching. Be sure to pack your binoculars! Birds found on the island include the peregrine falcon, the painted bunting, the white ibis, the cedar waxwing, and the perennially popular brown pelican.

Other migratory patterns that are fascinating and beautiful to watch on Bald Head Island in the fall are those of butterflies such as the monarch and the eastern tiger swallowtail. Raccoons, deer, foxes, and river otters can also be found on Bald Head Island.