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Perhaps one of the most striking attributes about the peaceful tranquility of Bald Head Island is commitment to the beautiful natural habitats on the island. Bald Head proves a true cape island as one can access the scenic landscape by boat or ferry. The natural environments are kept pristine and uninterrupted. Developers felt the stunning beauty of the salt marshes, ocean sands, as well as the maritime forest and tidal creeks should be preserved for future generations and thus took steps to ensure the area seclusion. As a result of the dedication to conserving nature, you’ll find yourself in an area that seems of another time. The beaches are never crowded and the many nature trails offer scenery filled with unspoiled beauty of wax myrtles, dogwoods and live oaks trees.

Developers carefully planned the neighborhoods to work well with the natural habitat, including the design of the homes. With a traditional coastal build, the homes range from small to large in size. The home setting also varies from in and around an ocean and river beach, a charming harbor, a dense marsh and maritime forest as well as a championship golf course. White picket fence surrounds each neighborhood with connecting walkways and creates the perfect aesthetic appeal for the area homes. You’ll find your dream, whether you are looking to invest in the area or planning your next vacation.

As Bald Head Island is accessible only by ferry or boat, visitors will leave their automobiles in Southport’s secured lot while loading any belongings on to a passenger ferry. A peaceful ferry ride that lasts less than half an hour transports you to the island paradise. With over 10,000 acres of protected natural environments and 14 gorgeous miles of pristine beaches it is not hard to see why so many call this island home. As golf carts and bicycles and walking are the major mode of transportation you’ll see how refreshing an area can be if devoid of cars, traffic and the smell of exaust. There are emergency vehicles, yet they’re rarely needed.

Bald Head Island’s continuous growth in both people and properties comes as no surprise to those who live in the beautiful coastal area. Yet the addition doesn’t detract from the small-town feel and southern hospitality embodied by this charming community. Its ideal location between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina attracts many who want to live the coastal lifestyle without the crowds, bumper-to-bumper traffic or bright neon lights. The peace and serenity of this south-eastern region has a resonance that will last for many more years to come.

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