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Bald Head Island Building Group

Dear BHI property owner,

Out of necessity after hurricane Florence, we formed our own licensed general contracting company.  We have brought together a highly seasoned and reliable professional group.  Our 21 years of property management experience on Bald Head Island has proven to be a valuable asset.   We have our own boats and move our own people and materials without the normal logistical problems inherent with doing business on Bald Head.

Our team of specialist can:

  • Estimate and sketch for insurance claims using Xactimate software.
  • Re-evaluate existing insurance claims, currently with incomplete demolition or put back.
  • Attorney team, if needed, to assist and expedite with insurance claims stuck in limbo.
  • State licensed environmental team/remediation experts to document and remove only damaged materials from your home (i.e. removal of drywall, insulation, ceilings, floors)
  • We have been successful on our claims using the term and code "black water damage" as BHI homes sat in saturated wet ground and water without electricity (HVAC) for 2 or more weeks.  This term black water damage gets the insurance company's attention, as this is indeed what is.
  • “Dry out” and treatment of the affected areas with recertification after the treatment to assure your home is safe again, we provide an independent "all clear" by a licensed environmental company.
  • Rebuild of all torn out areas. Our own construction team that completed the demolition and  “dry out” skillfully restores the home including carpentry, drywall, painting, flooring, cabinetry etc..
  • Siding, flashing, floor installation, counter tops, cabinets, trim work and a professional paint crew.
  • Roof repair and replacement with ARB approved roofs or upgraded “fortified” shingle system. Some insurance companies are now recognizing “fortified” as covered or an upgrade in your policy.
  • Interior design team to coordinate with home owner and choose paint colors and replace furnishings.
  • Property management team on site, coordinates and communicates with owner that cannot  be here.

We work with an environmental team that helps evaluate the residual effects of the water that laid on the island for weeks coupled with no electricity for several weeks. This aided in the growth of mold. The mold has caused severe damage, not visible to the naked eye. Our team’s technology, using wall probes and behind wall cameras, can detect and measure the levels of contamination.

Our high quality team of carpenters will put it back better then it was. We first determine why and how the water got in. Then we move in scheduled phases of restoration, with constant  communication  with you, the home owner, during all phases. Our craftsman, remove the affected areas, treat it and then have an independent environmental company test and certify it clean before the put back restoration begins.

We have the best painting crew on the island, interior and exterior. Our crew  follows protocols to insure the surfaces are properly prepared, caulked and flashing so to not fail in the next storm.

Our roofing experts use only the finest material to ensure the roof will not fail. We have licensed mechanics that install a fortified roof under our general contractor license.

Please allow our team and expertise to help guide you through the difficult times and prepare for upcoming storms.  We also specialize in new home construction, and custom homes.