Ferry Information

Bald Head Island is located 2 miles off the North Carolina coast at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Guests travel to Bald Head Island via a passenger ferry that departs from Southport's Indigo Plantation Ferry Terminal. For most of the year, ferries leave the mainland on the hour and the island on the half-hour, beginning at 7 a.m. weather permitting.

Round-trip ferry tickets for adults cost $24.75 each, and round-trip ferry tickets for children between 3 and 12 cost $13.75 each. Children under 3 may take the ferry at no cost. Excess Baggage ticket tickets must be purchased for large items such as bikes, kayaks, or canoes. Each large item requires its own Excess Baggage ticket.

To make ferry reservations to Bald Head Island, call (910) 457-5003. To make ferry reservations to the mainland, call (910) 457-5006. During Summer and Value Summer Seasons, Bald Head Island Rentals makes ferry reservations for all of our guests. During other seasons, guests are responsible for making their own ferry reservations.

Arrival & Luggage Handling

Guests should arrive at the ferry terminal one half hour before their reserved ferry times. For example, if guests have a reservation on the 3:00 PM ferry, they should arrive at the ferry terminal at 2:30 PM. Once guests drive straight to the loading dock at the Bald Head Island Ferry, a dockperson will help them unload luggage from their vehicles if the workload of the moment allows. Otherwise, passengers are requested to place their luggage on the luggage racks. Luggage is transferred from the luggage racks to dollies, which are then loaded on the passenger ferry to be transported to Bald Head Island. Items such as fishing rods, grocery bags, open boxes, and any other open baggage must be hand-carried onto the ferry. Items too large to fit in the ferry dollies, such as bikes, kayaks, or canoes, require the purchase of an Excess Baggage ticket per item.

Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, guests should proceed to the ticket counter to pay for and collect ferry tickets. Please remember that your Bald Head Island Rentals reservation does not include the price of ferry tickets.


Once guests have removed all luggage from their cars, they are to move their cars to one of the three parking lots available. Specific lot and length of stay determine the price of parking. Upon entering the parking lots, guests will obtain a parking ticket that should be placed in safekeeping until guests' departure. Should guests utilize Parking Lot D when Parking Lots B and C are full, a shuttle bus will be available to quickly transport them from Parking Lot D to the ferry terminal.

Upon departure from Bald Head Island, guests should present their parking ticket to the attendant at the parking booth at the entrance of Parking Lot B. Payment for all parking should be made at this booth prior to exiting the parking lots. After 10 PM, exit codes or tokens may be obtained from the security guard located in the ticket office at the ferry terminal. The Parking Lot B booth is staffed from 6 AM until 10 PM daily. Parking attendants can assist with minor automobile problems, such as jumpstarting vehicles or contacting local automobile repair businesses.

Once vehicles are parked, it's time to relax! Guests may now board the ferry and enjoy their twenty-minute ride to Bald Head Island.

*Note: During Peak Summer Season, guests of Bald Head Island Rentals are given the option of utilizing our exclusive Valet Parking Services if their scheduled ferries are between the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Tram Services

Once guests arrive on Bald Head Island, they as well as their luggage will be transported via tram to their vacation homes. When it comes time to leave Bald Head Island, the same tram service will pick guests and their luggage up at their vacation home 20 to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure ferry time.

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